2016 Class Placement


​We are now starting to look at class placements for 2016. Together with the class teachers and specialist teachers, the leadership team take into account all relevant pieces of information when forming class lists, with the overriding principle of organising students and classes in a way that sets students up to be successful.  We endeavour to place each student in the most conducive learning environment and to do this we have a thorough and detailed class placement process.

Your child’s current teacher will have input into this decision making process and we are confident that they are very aware of the specific needs of every individual child when making these decisions. Parents who wish to provide additional information for consideration for class placements are encouraged to complete a ‘2016 Class Placement Form’ which can be collected from the office or downloaded here. Parents only need to complete this form if you have exceptional or specific information to be included for consideration. All forms are to be returned to the office no later than 3.20pm on Friday 13th November. As we have a comprehensive process for allocating students to classes, we are not able to accept forms after this date.

Please be aware that the information on the forms will be shared with our teachers as they play a central role in this process. While all information will be taken into account, we cannot guarantee that all requests will be met. We will consider issues that relate to the social, emotional or academic needs of your child within the context of the year level. It will come as no surprise that parents are NOT able to select or request a specific teacher. This can be counterproductive if we take this approach. If we organise classes based around the students having a specific teacher we can place our students in a challenging situation if their teacher takes leave. On average this happens to two to four classes each year.

We will have our students almost all placed into classes before we allocate teachers to year levels. A reminder that our staffing is not finalised with Education Queensland until the second week of the new school year. Our focus is on creating classes that are conducive to learning taking into account friendship groups and specific academic needs. We will announce 2016 classes in the last week of the school year with a ‘Meet the teacher’ afternoon, where students will go to their new classroom and meet their classmates and new teacher

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Last reviewed 05 May 2020
Last updated 05 May 2020