Welcome Back!


​Welcome to the start of the 2014 school year at Samford State School!

We are excited to see the students arrive back for another great year of learning, friendships and fun.

Typically, the first day can be a bit hectic, so here are some tips to help the day go smoothly:

  • School starts promptly at 8.50am, Tue 28 Jan

Be there in plenty of time.  The coffee cart is open from 8am in the tuckshop undercover area, so come a little early and start the day with a bit of socialisation.  

Classrooms open from 8.30 am.

Looking for your student's classroom locations?  Visit C-Block undercover area (opposite the school admin building and outside the First Aid Room) - printouts will be put up early Tuesday morning to help you find the way!

  • Car Parking

It is going to be a very busy morning on School Road and Trentham Place!  Watch your speed and take it slow!  Be courteous.  

Consider walking or riding to school with your students on the first day. 

NEVER park on the grass - especially in the Cemetery!  Not only is it illegal, it is disrespectful and upsetting to families of the deceased.

  • Meeting your student's Teacher

For many, this will be your first chance to say G'day.  If you would like to spend some time discussing your child's needs with the teacher, consider making an appointment - this is the BEST way to get quality face-to-face time with your teacher (the first day is probably not the best time for in depth conversations).  Email is a great way to communicate with your teacher if you are finding it difficult to make time. 

  • Parent Information Evenings

A Samford School tradition - held around week 3.  This is where your student's teacher presents their teaching plans and values to their class families.  Keep an eye out for more details coming soon.

  • Safety First!

Use the pedestrian crossings and footpaths to navigate your way around the school.  Roadways best left for vehicles, not people - keep your little ones safe and sound.

  • The Resource Scheme - have you paid it?

Make sure your child hits the ground running with all of their books, writing tools and equipment ready for learning.  The Resource Scheme has it all covered for you, as long as you've paid it!

  • Signed up to your student's 2014 Class group?

It's not too late - the link is on the front of the school's website.

  • Are you on the mailing list for the weekly school e-Newsletter - The Iron Bark Press?

Here is the link to sign up:

  • Student... Ready, Set, Go!

Water bottle, hats, sunscreen, chairbags, good healthy food.  Have a great day kids!




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Last reviewed 05 May 2020
Last updated 05 May 2020