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Senior Cross Country



• Please ensure that all children have suitable footwear.
• All races start and finish on the senior oval.
• (N.B. Only 10-13 year olds go on to the district championships and only the top 3 in each age group.)
• The cross country is compulsory. If children are ill or injured and therefore unable to participate, they must provide a note to their class teacher.
 THURSDAY 1 MAY  12/13 girls (born 2002/2001)  9.00am  3000m
 THURSDAY 1 MAY  12/13 boys (born 2002/2001)  9.05am  3000m
 THURSDAY 1 MAY  11 girls (born 2003)  9.30am  3000m
 THURSDAY 1 MAY  11 boys (born 2003)  9.35am  3000m
 THURSDAY 1 MAY  10 girls (born 2004)  10.00am  2000m
 THURSDAY 1 MAY  10 boys (born 2004)  10.05am  2000m
 THURSDAY 1 MAY  Year 4 girls  10.25am  1000m
 THURSDAY 1 MAY  Year 4 boys  10.30am  1000m

 TUESDAY 29 APRIL  Year 3 girls  9.15am  600m
 TUESDAY 29 APRIL  Year 3 boys  9.25am  600m
 TUESDAY 29 APRIL  Year 2 girls  9.35am  600m
 TUESDAY 29 APRIL  Year 2 boys  9.45am  600m

 * Please note that all start times are approximate. Races may start earlier/later than the above-mentioned times. Please be on the oval at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.
 Age groups for the cross country (The following information is only applicable to children in years 4-7.)
 Parents are asked to assist ‘older’ students (e.g. a grade 5 child who is 12 years old or is turning 12 this year) with the following choice (i.e. whether to run in their correct age group or run with their respective year level.) This decision should be based on the belief that the child will not cope with (for health, fitness, training or compassionate reasons, etc.) having to run in their correct age group.
 For children who choose to run with their year level instead of their correct age group, the following information is important:
• Selection in the school team for the district championships is not possible.
• A top ten finish will not be recognized.
• Only one house point can be gained.
• At the completion of the run, the child must tell the recorder his/her correct age group.

Memo to Parents/Caregivers re Vehicular Movements and Drop Off Arrangements on the morning of the Senior Cross Country – Thursday 1 May

Vehicular movements in the following areas will be restricted from 9.00am to 11.00am on Thursday 1 May:

(1) The bitumen car park adjacent to the prep buildings.
(2) The bitumen car park adjacent to the hall.
(3) The loop road which joins the round-a-bout at the front of the school and the round-a-bout at the hall.

Parents/Caregivers are advised to use alternative drop off points such as the pool car park and Trentham Place OR ensure you have vacated the three restricted areas mentioned above by 9.00am. Thank you for your assistance in making our children’s cross country a safe one.

Safety around the entire Senior Cross Country course is of paramount importance.

 To help ensure the safety of our runners we have approximately 16 parents
positioned at various checkpoints around the course.
If you are able to volunteer a couple of hours to be one of these course officials, please ring the school office (3430 9111) to register your name. You will then meet with Mr Picken on the oval on Thursday (1/5) at 8.30 to be told your location on the course as well as any further information.
Thank you for your assistance.
Mr John Picken
PE Teacher