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Resource scheme


The Student Consumables & Resources Scheme has been implemented into Samford State School to ensure that all students have the necessary resources to support their educational requirements. It is also intended as a convenience to parents/caregivers to provide a more economical option to purchasing consumables and textbooks each year. This scheme has been fully endorsed by the Samford State School Parents and Citizens’ Association.

The Consumables & Resources Scheme operates at this school under the policy and guidelines of Education Queensland. Parents wishing to take up the offer to participate in the scheme pay an annual flat fee and sign an agreement to comply with the conditions of the scheme.

While membership of this scheme is not compulsory, the school and P&C encourage your participation. Full participation rates offer the most benefits to parents, teachers and the learning experiences for students.

Benefits of Participating in the Scheme

The scheme provides parents/caregivers with the following general benefits:

  • Ready access for students to consumables and resource materials as needed
  • Cost savings and convenience in purchasing student consumables and resource materials
  • Opportunities for students to access more expensive items by sharing cost with whole class
  • Enhancements to educational experiences for students

What will my child receive?

  • The scheme will provide the following items for your child/children for the entire school year:
  • All consumable stationery and writing materials
  • All printed class notes, and reproduced materials which complement and/or substitute for textbooks/student workbooks
  • Materials for practical activities in: Art, Music, Science and LOTE
  • Enhanced resource materials and equipment used in various key learning areas (including text books where required)
  • Computer/Printer consumables
  • Enhanced computer access and software
  • Cooking Ingredients (if applicable)

What may I have to provide?

Larger items which are personal or might be used over a number of years such as:

  • Calculator
  • Chair Bags (Available from our Uniform Shop)
  • Flash Discs
  • Pencil Case

Individual teachers will advise which of these items your child will require.

How do I sign up for the Scheme?

Forms are available from the School Office.  Complete the form and return it to the Office.