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What is a GIFTED AND TALENTED student?

Gifted students are those whose potential is distinctly above average in one or more of the following domains of human ability: intellectual, creative, social and physical. Giftedness designates the possession and the use of outstanding natural abilities, called aptitudes, in at least one ability domain, to a degree that places an individual at least among the top 10% of age peers in the school (Gagné, 2003, 2008).
Talented students are those whose skills are above average in one or more areas of performance. Talent designates the outstanding mastery of abilities over a significant period of time. These are called competencies (knowledge and skills).
Outstanding mastery is evident in at least one field of human activity to a degree that places an individual at least among the top 10% of age peers in the school who are or have been active in that field (Gagné, 2003, 2008).
from EQ Policy statement: Curriculum provision to gifted and talented students

Types of Gifted

Not all Gifted are the same...
In 1988 Betts and Neihart published their paper "Profiles of the Gifted and Talented" for the University of Colorada.
Here is the updated summary (2010) plus the original article.

Gifted Checklists

Education Qld endorses the use of the Michael Sayler Gifted and Talented checklists for parents and teachers. Michael Sayler is the Associate Professor-Educational Psychology, Senior Associate Dean-College of Education, University of North Texas.
The checklist forms an integral part of the subjective and objective data collected by schools, when considering if a child is in the gifted range. Then, necessary adjustments to their educational program can be made.
For parents, the checklist has two purposes:
1)    It helps parents analyse patterns of their child’s behaviour within a range of gifted indicators. At times, parents do not know their child is in the gifted range, without a frame of reference, or what is meant by the term ‘gifted’. The checklist indicators help focus and clarify an anecdotal analysis, and the degree of gifted traits. Please note, gifted children may not score highly on all traits mentioned, as the range caters for a breadth of responses.
2)    It helps bring understanding to your child’s educators. A recurring frustration from parents of gifted children commonly seems to be the need to prove their child’s giftedness. Many gifted traits are observed outside of the school setting; the checklist allows parents to extrapolate on anecdotal evidence from outside of school. If new to a school, it is a useful record to talk about your child’s traits, with administration.
At Samford SS, the parent checklists are managed by Justin Marchesi, the Gifted Education Mentor (GEM). These records are brought to the attention of the teacher, to deepen their understanding of the child and their abilities.
Click here for a parent checklist regarding young children (for early school entry)..
Click here for a parent checklist regarding primary school children.
Electronically/scanned completed checklists can be emailed to Justin Marchesi.