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School Council

Samford State School - School Council

So what is a School Council and why have one?

The School Council is a group of elected parents and staff from the school community who work towards improved student learning outcomes.

They collaborate with the broader school community to write and monitor the broad strategic direction of the school.

Independent Public Schools (IPS) are required to have a school council as part of their governance structure. The School Council’s main task is the production and (active) monitoring of the school’s strategic plan.

What is the difference between a P & C and a School Council and why does a school need both?

The main difference between the School Council and the P & C is the Council deals with strategic matters and the P & C with operational matters, like Out of Hours School Care (OSHC) and fundraising.

For a list of upcoming School Council discussion topics, please refer to the School Council calendar.

Our school council members for the next two years are:

Rachel Foley Lewis - Parent (Chairperson) 
Rachel is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years' experience providing advice to clients across a range of industries.  A Corporate Finance partner at Deloitte, she also sits on Deloitte's national board of partners.  Rachel has 2 children at Samford State School.  She is keen to harness the diverse skills of Council members to develop and support the strategic direction of Samford State School, thereby assisting the school to achieve high quality education outcomes for all students in a rapidly changing world.

Toni McCallum - Parent (Secretary) 

Toni has three children at Samford State in Years 2, 4 and 6 and a Year 8 boy at Ferny Grove State High School.  She works as a casual academic in English, Literacy and Cultural Studies. In the spirit of lifelong learning she is finishing a PhD in Anthropology and Sociology at an age that is far from sensible! In 2015 she received training in being a school reviewer with the School Improvement Unit.  She was the Parent Reviewer member of the School Review Team that reviewed Samford State School in October 2015. This was the first time a parent had been trained in school reviewing in Queensland. She believes it is a great privilege to be on the School Council and serve the parents of the school.
Brendan Gilmour (P&C President) 
Jaimee Baturo- Parent
Jaimee has a background in Hospitality Operations Management and currently assists in the strategic planning, operations and fiscal management of her own Restaurant and Bar Hospitality group. With credentials in Early Childhood Learning she is passionate about education opportunities for all children and support for their families. Jaimee has two children at Samford State School and has been a part of the school community for four years. She can often be found volunteering within the school and is excited to be a part of such an innovative and dedicated School Council.
Jo Calvert - Parent 
Jo is a corporate reputation and brand manager, who specialises in stakeholder engagement, issues and crisis management, and corporate and organisational communication strategy development. A long-term member of Queensland Treasury Corporation’s senior leadership team, she has extensive organisational leadership and people management experience, and a strong understanding of corporate governance and enterprise-wide risk management. Both of Jo’s children started at Samford State School in prep; her daughter completed Year 6 in 2015, and her son is currently in Year 4.
Bradley Clark (Principal)   
Brad is a school leader with over 24 years of experience of working in schools. As the principal of Samford State School he is passionate about ensuring every students develops a passion for lifelong learning.  He is committed to creating a culture of success, challenges and opportunities for students and the school community within an Independent Public School. He has worked in schools from a broad range of socio- economic and cultural differences from around the state. Brad has also worked in schools in Japan, England and United States of America as a class room teacher. He is an educator with a broad range of experiences able to develop strategic approaches that enhance students’ learning, promote collegiality and develop a unified learning community.

Suzanne Carstairs - Staff  

Suzanne has worked in Education for more than 25 years. She began as Deputy Principal for the Early Years at Samford State School in 2001. Over her career, Suzanne has worked in many differing leadership roles in Education, including classroom teacher, Education Adviser (Literacy, English and Curriculum), and various Education policy positions (Teaching and Learning, Equity and Social Justice). She has also worked in various primary, secondary and special education settings in England. During her time at Samford, Suzanne had her two children, who both currently attend Samford school. Suzanne is committed to ensuring high quality learning for all students. She believes that as a strong community, consisting of engaged families and highly professional staff, we can work together to help all children progress in their learning.

Justin Marchesi - Staff 

Justin is an Experienced Senior Teacher, with over twenty years of teaching experience.  He led Advanced Learner initiatives at Samford State School, from 2008 – 2014, facilitated and mentored participating staff members in achieving their ICT pedagogical licences (2012) and is currently an active member of the ICT, Mindset, Wellbeing, and Advanced Learner committees.  Justin is the coordinator of staff wellbeing initiatives within the school.
Dani Axford - Staff
Dani Axford has been teaching at Samford State School for 7 years.  She is currently teaching Year 2 and has taught primarily the younger grades. Dani has 2 children, now in high school, who both enjoyed and thrived at Samford State School. As a teacher, past parent and member of the Samford community she feels privileged to be part of the school council.  Being part of this council is an opportunity to support our school to continue to evolve into a place that offers our children amazing educational opportunities and a school community that is supportive, caring and dynamic.
Nunzi Hyde - Staff
Nunzi has worked in Education for 22 years, she joined the team at Education Queensland’s KITE Theatre as a content researcher and booking officer, and on occasion understudy to the actors, giving her a wealth of experience working with students and a real world understanding of how children learn.   In a role with RSPCA’s Education Mobile Unit, Nunzi travelled Australia teaching students the importance of animal welfare.  In 2008 an opportunity with an Environmental Education Centre saw her working alongside senior teachers, as a support officer helping educate students on the protection of our wetlands and waterways.  After working with Children, Animals and Actors which she has thoroughly loved, she is now working at Samford State School in a key leadership role as Business Services Manager and enjoying both the challenges and rewards of this position.