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School Council

Samford State School - School Council

Our next meeting is Monday 5 November, 2018
So what is a School Council and why have one?

The School Council is a group of elected parents and staff from the school community who work towards improved student learning outcomes.

They collaborate with the broader school community to write and monitor the broad strategic direction of the school.

Independent Public Schools (IPS) are required to have a school council as part of their governance structure. The School Council’s main task is the production and (active) monitoring of the school’s strategic plan.

What is the difference between a P&C and a School Council and why does a school need both?

The main difference between the School Council and the P&C is the Council deals with strategic matters and the P&C with operational matters, like Out of Hours School Care (OSHC) and fundraising.

For a list of upcoming School Council discussion topics, please refer to the School Council calendar.

Our Current School Council Members
Bradley Clark (Principal)   
Brad is a school leader with over 24 years of experience of working in schools. As the principal of Samford State School he is passionate about ensuring every students develops a passion for lifelong learning.  He is committed to creating a culture of success, challenges and opportunities for students and the school community within an Independent Public School.

Brad has worked in schools from a broad range of socio- economic and cultural differences from around the state. Brad has also worked in schools in Japan, England and United States of America as a class room teacher.

He is an educator with a broad range of experiences able to develop strategic approaches that enhance students’ learning, promote collegiality and develop a unified learning community. 

Dani Axford - Staff
Dani Axford has been teaching at Samford State School for 7 years.  She is currently teaching Year 2 and has taught primarily the younger grades. Dani has 2 children, now in high school, who both enjoyed and thrived at Samford State School.
As a teacher, past parent and member of the Samford community she feels privileged to be part of the school council.  Being part of this council is an opportunity to support our school to continue to evolve into a place that offers our children amazing educational opportunities and a school community that is supportive, caring and dynamic.
Susan Kirkpatrick - Staff 

Susan Kirkpatrick has been teaching at Samford State School for over 2 years. She is currently teaching Year 5 however has taught a range of grades in both lower and upper school. Previous to Samford State School, Susan worked and lived in Mackay. As a fairly new teacher in the Samford community, she feels privileged to be part of the School Council.  Susan particularly enjoys being involved in discussions around improving student outcomes and strategic planning to ensure all students gain a year’s worth of growth in a safe and supportive environment.


Adrian Ryan - Staff 

Adrian has been working education for over 20 years and has worked at Samford State School for the past 8 years. Currently in the role of senior deputy principal, he share’s the vision ‘to engage all students in a well-rounded curriculum to prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.’
Adrian is focused on promoting a culture of collaborative excellence, in both curriculum and non-curriculum areas, with a foundation of the values of integrity and respect. Adrian has a special interest developing systems to track student growth, and inform teaching programs.
Outside of education, he enjoys anything with 2 wheels or 6 strings.


Chrissie Molloy - Staff

Chrissy has been employed as a Teacher Aide at Samford State School since 2014.  Currently she is the year 2 Teacher Aide and prior to this worked in the Prep classrooms and SEP. 

Chrissy has lived in the local community for 18 years and has 2 boys in highschool that both attended Samford State School.  Both boys made life long friendships and have very fond memories of their time spent at Samford.  Go Clarke! 

Work experiences prior to working as a Teacher Aide include working as an Architectural Draftsperson for 7 years and owning and managing a Newsagency and Post Office with her husband for 11 years. In 2012 Chrissy and her husband sold their business and travelled around Australia for 12 months with their boys.  It was during their travels that Chrissy became passionate about educational experiences for children as she taught her sons year 2 and year 4 on the road. 

Chrissy is excited to be the voice for Samford Teacher Aides as they are a group of very professional and nurturing people who are dedicated to creating the best learning and social outcomes for all students.

Claire Limbrick - P&C President

Claire has been on the P&C Executive committee since 2017.  With her passion for building strong relationships between the school and the community, she is excited to take on the President role in 2018.

Claire takes pride in the school and our community and has one son currently in grade 2, with another joining in 2020. She has lived in 3 countries and after spending most of her career working for multinational organisations in the HR and staffing industry, she retrained and set up an interior design consultancy in 2015.

In this role she works closely with many businesses and residents in our community, whilst actively participating in the school, her children's learning and various local volunteering activities.

Nicole Herbertson - Parent (Chair) 

Nicole has two boys at Samford State in Years 3 and 6 and has been an active member of the school community.
In the past, she has served on the P&C Executive along with several committees and supported a variety of school initiatives. 

Nicole has a background in marketing and communications within the finance industry and currently works in customer centric strategy and design - understanding consumer behaviour and designing organisational changes to improve customer and business outcomes. She also works as a workshop facilitator – helping to build and unite strong teams and improve team performance. 

Nicole is grateful for the opportunity to represent parents and carers as a member of the School Council, and is committed to helping the school achieve the best possible outcomes for children and enhance the unique spirit of the Samford Valley Community.  

Amanda Holding - Parent

Amanda currently has two children at Samford State School in Years 3 and 6.  Amanda has previously actively supported the school through volunteer roles in the classrooms, as well as performing the Secretary and Vice President roles on the P&C for between 2012 and 2016.  
Outside of the school community, Amanda is an in-house counsel with a construction delivery company where she provides in-house legal advice and support on major projects delivery, approvals, procurement, board meetings and reporting and general advice. 
Amanda is passionate about parents’ involvement in the school community and is looking forward to assisting the School Council on their continued development and achievement of the school’s strategic plan.  
Steven Pickering - Parent
I am a local Samford resident whose family has been based in the Samford community for over two generations. My two daughters  now attend Samford State School in Year 3 and Year 5.  I also attended Samford State School as a student and it’s a privilege to see both my daughters attend the school.  
I am Vice President of Drought Masters Society, Australia’s 3rd largest breed society. Prior to this appointment I maintained a position on the board over for 6 years, assisting with developing and maintaining the strategic direction of the organisation. I am also the Managing Director of A1Genetics which imports and exports bovine genetics and provides marketing services for the Australian livestock industry.  
I am also involved as the owner director of RSVP & Sylvan Springs Droughtmasters, and Samford Garage which is a local family business where I currently work as part of the team.   
Mark Gjerek - Parent

Hi. My name is Mark Gjerek and I have two children at Samford State School: one in Year 3 and the other in Year 5. I nominated to join the School Council for two main reasons.

Firstly, I’m proud of the school that supports and educates our kids, and it’s important to me that we support it back. As a family, we already do that in several ways (P&C, volunteering, fundraising). I volunteered at the last two Festivals, and I attend school events when I can. I see joining the School Council as another way to support the school.  

Secondly, I feel I have something useful to contribute. As an engineer, a writer, and small business owner, I have worked in government, industry, and consulting. Most of my work has been strategic, which suits the School Council role. I’m also passionate about innovation, energy and the environment.   

Thinking back to my school days, the most important lesson for me was figuring out how to navigate change. Change happens much faster today, but I think my perspectives and experience could help the School Council to equip students to navigate their changing world.